CVXR 0.99-2 Unreleased

  • Typo fixes to URLs.

CVXR 0.99-1 Unreleased

  • Bug fix: Updated python glue for both version 2 and 3 (
  • Bug fix: Workaround for zero extent sparse matrices in R not being handled by reticulate (

CVXR 0.99 2018-05-26

  • Bug fix: duplicated integer and boolean indices.
  • Bug fix: correct typo in constraint specification to GLPK.
  • Added tutorial articles based on v0.99 to CVXR website on using other solvers, integer programming, MOSEK and GUROBI examples.

CVXR 0.98-1 Unreleased

  • Minor typographical fixes.

CVXR 0.98 Unreleased

  • Dropped delay_load parameter dropped in reticulate::import_from_path, per changes in reticulate.

  • Cleaned up hooks into reticulate for commercial solvers.

CVXR 0.97-1 Unreleased

  • Minor typo and documentation fixes.

CVXR 0.97 Unreleased

  • Added LPSOLVE via lpSolveAPI
  • Added GLPK via Rglpk
  • Added MOSEK
  • Added GUROBI
  • Bug fix: issue #25. All CVXR expressions retain dimensions. Culprit was drop = FALSE (in function Index.get_special_slice) as suspected.

CVXR 0.96 Unreleased

  • Added a note that CVXR can probably be compiled from source for earlier versions of R. This is issue #24

  • Using pkgdown. This also addresses issue #23

  • Bug fix: issue #28 Function intf_sign (interface.R) was unnecessarily using a tolerance parameter, now eliminated.

CVXR 0.95 2018-02-20

  • Updated Solver.solve to adapt to new ECOSolveR. Require version 0.4 of ECOSolveR now.

  • Updated unpack_results to behave exactly like in CVXPY. Added documentation and testthat tests. Documented in Getting Faster Results article.

CVXR 0.94-4 2017-11-20

  • First CRAN release 2017-11-20.